I am a fifth-year bachelor-straight-to-PhD student at South China University of Technology. My advisor is Prof. Qiong Liu. Before that, I obtained my B.E. degree in School of Software Engineering, South China University of Technology in 2015. I serve as the reviewer for several top-tier conferences, such as ICCV, CVPR, and AAAI.

I am interested in computer vision, deep learning, and machine learning. More specifically,

  • Object Detection
  • Image Classification
  • Neural Architecture Search
  • Tracking

Here is my CV.


  • 2021.12: One paper accepted in AAAI 2022.
  • 2021.05: Research internship at Alibaba DAMO Academy.
  • 2021.03: One paper accepted in CVPR 2021.
  • 2020.08: Win Honorable Mention in VisDrones Challenge 2020 held at ECCV 2020.
  • 2019.10: Visit Vision and Learning Lab at UC Merced, under the supervision of Prof. Ming-Hsuan Yang.
  • 2018.11: Get National Scholarship for Ph.D. Students from Chinese Ministry of Education.
  • 2018.09: Win Honorable Mention in VisDrones Challenge 2018 held at ECCV 2018.


[Google Scholar]

Scaled ReLU Matters for Training Vision Transformers.
AAAI, 2022.
Pichao Wang, Xue Wang, Hao Luo, Jingkai Zhou, Zhipeng Zhou, Fan Wang, Hao Li, Rong Jin.

Decoupled Dynamic Filter Networks.
CVPR, 2021.
Jingkai Zhou, Varun Jampani, Zhixiong Pi, Qiong Liu*, Ming-Hsuan Yang.
pdf / video / project page / code (github)

Scale adaptive image cropping for UAV object detection.
Neurocomputing, 2019.
Jingkai Zhou, Chi-Man Vong, Qiong Liu*, Zhenyu Wang.

Benchmarking a large-scale FIR dataset for on-road pedestrian detection.
Infrared Physics & Technology, 2019.
Zhewei Xu, Jiajun Zhuang, Qiong Liu*, Jingkai Zhou, Shaowu Peng.

Object tracking via Online Multiple Instance Learning with reliable components.
Computer Vision and Image Understanding, 2018.
Feng Wu, Shaowu Peng, Jingkai Zhou, Qiong Liu*, Xiaojia Xie.